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Welcome to
RMC Limited

We're together with a host of professionals including; Surveyors, Lawyers, Civil Engineers, Investment Bankers and Architects, amongst others to fashion out uniquely innovative ways to transform the landscape of property acquisition, construction and sale in our target markets/areas of operations. RMC is indeed a vehicle we are going to be driving to positively impact the lives of individuals and communities that we encounter while on our journey of ensuring that its Investors, Management and Staff and their family members as well as all stakeholders will never wish nor want to lose their position in RMC.

Our Mission

  • To Leverage on our Network of Professionals and Professional bodies to deliver quality

  • To be quick to identify the needs of our existing and prospective clients in chosen markets

  • To passionately, professionally and speedily deliver to create memorable experience for our clients

  • To provide Value for Money to our wide range of clientele

  • To learn best practices around the world within prevailing legal regimes in our markets to satisfy our clients

  • To provide basic education and support to our clients and prospects in related landed property subject matters.

  • To serve Individuals, Households, Private & Public Institutions, Government and NonGovernmental organizations as well as International organizations.


To be the leading  Company in Africa making Landed Property acquisition, construction and sale hassle free

Strategic Objectives

  • To be fast in identifying the  needs of our existing and prospective clients in chosen markets
  • To passionately, professionally and speedily deliver to create memorable experience for our clients
  • To provide durable, comfortable and affordable housing for a wide range of clientele.
  • To be an employer of choice
  • To win souls for Christ through its social responsibility activities
  • To be a hot-cake for investors
  • To be counted upon by Governments and Well meaning Organizations for grounded interventions